Welcome, Clark County Citizens

Hello!  I am Nancy Barnes and I am your current elected Commissioner for Clark Public Utilities.  I am running for re-election to this position because I know I am the best person to keep our highly reliable electricity and water at our current low, stable rates.  I have lived in Vancouver for 40 years with my husband, Dan, where we have raised our 5 children and play with our 20 grandchildren.

If you’d like to support my campaign, please click/tap on the button down below, and fill out the form to endorse me! Be sure to check out Nancy’s accomplishments here.

Let’s Keep A Great Thing Going!

My job as a commissioner for the Clark County public utilities district (PUD) is to provide reliable energy and water to you at affordable and sustainable costs. And that’s the great thing! We haven’t raised rates in 12 years!

Our PUD delivers safe, reliable power. From our everyday consumers at home, to the business and industries that power our economy. We keep the water clean and we keep the electricity on. No brownouts or blackouts here.

How do we do it? We do it with stable, low rates (some of the lowest in the nation). We do it with real people, answering your phone calls. People that are both trained and empowered to find a solution to your problems. Our award winning customer service looks forward to helping you.

Our goal for the future is to provide safe renewable energy for our community. We can do this, because we have planned for responsible compliance with current and upcoming decarbonization legislation, all without sacrificing affordability or reliability. We have prepared for success with new, exciting technology and innovations. I will never forget that it’s your money on the line! Check out the Clark county PUD website for news on our communities, and information about us and our mission.

I’ve been successful at my duties for almost 2 decades, so please consider re-electing me as your commissioner for the Clark county PUD. I plan on keeping our community’s energy safe and affordable, so let’s all work together and “Let’s Keep a Great Thing Going!”